Joint declaration: 1st of may 2013: Maoism is the spring of our epoch!

1st of may 2013: Maoism is the spring of our epoch !

On this first of may 2013, from Afghanistan, Belgium and France, full of revolutionary optimism, we hail all the proletarians and oppressed masses of the world, calling them to unite under the red banner of Maoism!

We call them to understand the two sides of world’s reality. The night is dark, darkness seems to envelop each aspect of reality, but in fact the dawn begins to make shine the red sun.

Yes, this is the call of the time: a new storm is coming, the new wave of the World Proletarian Revolution is emerging! Maoism is the spring of our epoch !

This is why, from Afghanistan, Belgium and France, we say:

Uphold, defend and apply Maoism !

Struggle for the generation and the application of the guiding thought
in each country, to initiate and develop the People’s War!

Inevitably, people’s war will develop in each country, carried by the fire in the heart of the masses, led by the Communist Party based on Marxism Leninism Maoism, forged by the guiding thought!

Inevitably, the masses of the world will unite under the red star, forming the World Socialist Republic, going to the golden Communism!

Our conception is that the world proletarian revolution is in its strategic offensive, the revolution is the main tendency, the revolutionary alternative appears each day more as unavoidable in the eyes of the world masses.

So, they ask for the historical weapon!

Therefore, as a contribution, there is a document, a project from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and France, about the principle of guiding thought, key element of dialectical materialism in each given country.

What is a guiding thought? “Revolutions give rise to a thought that guides them, which is the result of the application of the universal truth of the ideology of the international proletariat to the concrete conditions of each revolution; a guiding thought indispensable to reach victory and to conquer political power and, moreover, to continue the revolution and to maintain the course always towards the only, great goal: Communism.” (Communist Party of Peru, On Gonzalo thought)

Without a guiding thought, there can’t be no correct resolution of the contradictions in a country; without a guiding thought, there is only reformism, revisionism, a cosmopolitanism which inhibits the release of potential radicalism of the masses toward a successful People’s War.

In each country, communists must understand the development of society, the historical movement giving birth to the New Democratic Revolution, in the semi-feudal semi-colonial countries, and the Socialist Revolution, in the capitalist-imperialist countries.

In each country, communists must forge the Communist Party, based on Marxism Leninism Maoism, following the thought born of the historical necessity of the time.

In each country, People’s War is the way to liberation!

It is conform to the requirements of our time. Indeed, capitalism, in its fierce form, in its last stage, is a decayed, parasitic and moribund system.

It can’t bring nothing more than more exploitation, more oppression, more injustice, more destruction of the nature of our planet, nothing more than fascism and imperialist wars.

Capitalism is the enemy of progress, of culture, of democracy, and at its imperialist stage, it is a mortal enemy for all progressive values.

The struggle against fascism is in the front of the eyes of each revolutionary.

But there is more to understand. With capitalism come also reactionary ideologies, which pretend to be “revolutionary”, but are in fact counter-revolutionary in nature, like national-socialism, peronism, chavism, castrism, etc.

They pretend to combine “nationalism” and “socialism”, and in fact that they are the servants of the most reactionary fraction of the bourgeoisie in the imperialist countries, and of a bureaucratic capitalist fraction in the semi-feudal semi-colonial countries.

This is not all. Imperialism tries also to make penetrate the poison in the ranks of the genuine revolutionaries. This poison takes the form of the conceptions of “peace agreements”, flexibility in strategy, “post-Maoism”, etc.

We uphold Maoist orthodoxy and reject the “modernist” trends, which are nothing more than a bourgeois sabotage. We say: all the bourgeois ideologies, the rightist tendencies, must be rejected.

Without that, there can only failure, as prove it some organizations, which followed “centrist” line around the “Maoist Communist Party of Italy”, refusing the big separation with capitulation in Nepal, and so coming to the point of diffusing a liberal, bourgeois conception of what should be Maoism.

We also say: it is correct to raise an anti-centrist criticism, but dialectically it has to move forward in the elaborated affirmation of Maoism, and assume the principle of the Guiding Thought, which is the creative application of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, to the reality of each country.

A real two line struggle against centrism, a new variant of “Maoist” revisionism, necessitates a real rupture with relativism, to assume Maoism as the third stage of Marxism.

It is incorrect to criticize centrism from a point of view limited to the conceptions acquired at the second stage of Marxism, i.e. Leninism.

Therefore, we say:

Combat the liquidation of the learnings of Chairman Gonzalo and the propaganda of the right opportunist line (ROL) in Peru!

Combat armed revisionism, like carried by the left opportunist line (LOL) in Peru!

Combat “post-maoism” of Avakian and the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA !

Combat centrism of the Maoist Communist Party of Italy!

Combat pseudo anti-centrism, when it doesn’t come to accept Maoism as the third stage of Marxism!

Uphold, defend and apply Maoism !

Struggle for the generation and the application of the guiding thought in each country, to initiate and develop the People’s War!

And in this process will emerge unity, step by step, through the movement to the universal cause of the proletariat: Communism. The generation of the thoughts in each country is the presupposition for mutual recognition under the universal banner of Maoism.

People’s War until Communism!

Organization of the Workers of Afghanistan (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, principally Maoist)

Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Center (Belgium)

Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Party (France)

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