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[pdf] Connexions #1 – English version

[html] The French spirit and the revolution

[html] The PMD, a revolutionary fortress at the heart of the nexus of the first and second general crises

[html] Dialectical materialism and the nexus of contradiction as the transition point of spiral movement and its cycles

[html] The Dawn of the New Humanity through the dialectical nexus

[html] Dialectical materialism and the onion-shaped universe as a contradiction of uneven development and difference

[html] Celebrating the universe, the end of religion

[html] The finite, the infinite and the inexhaustibility of matter

[html] The PMD analytical grid

[html] Without contradictions, no universe

[html] The emergence of dialectical materialism as a reflection of proletarian maturity

[html] Dialectical materialism and the law of contradiction as a law of oppositional complementarity: the theory of two points

[html] From Marxism to Dialectical Materialism

[html] The Dialectical Materialist Party (PMD) – principles

[pdf] Communism #15 – Gonzalo 1934 – 2021

[pdf] Communism #14

[pdf] Communism #13 – 200th birthday anniversary of Friedrich Engels

[pdf] Communism #12

[pdf] Communism #11 – Covid-19 crisis, General crisis of capitalism

[pdf] Communism #10 – Fight the tendency to imperialist war, consequence of the battle for the redevision of the world (2020)

[pdf] Communism #9 – 2019

[html] Maoist Declaration of May 1, 2019

[pdf] Communism #8 – 1968 – 2018

[html] 1968 – 2018 : Maoist Joint declaration, First of May 2018

[pdf] Communism #7 – 1917 – 2017

[html] Joint declaration – 1917 – 2017 : the goal is still the insurrection !

[pdf] Communism #6 – the German Autumn

[html] 18th of October 1977: Andreas Baader, Gudrun Ensslin, Jan-Carl Raspe

[pdf] Communism #5 – In defense of Gonzalo, theoretician of Maoism

[html] Joint declaration : In defense of Gonzalo, theoretician of Maoism

[pdf] Communism #4 – Marine Le Pen means Fascism and War

[html] Maoist Joint declaration, First of May 2017

[pdf] Communism #3 – Nepal: ten years after the capitulation

[html] Nepal: ten years after the capitulation (2016)

[html] Nepal – Timeline of the People’s War

[pdf] Communism #2 – Lenin Thought

[pdf] Communism #1 – The revolutionary road

[pdf] On Third-Worldism and the description of the three worlds

[html] First of May 2015 : Understand and fight the demons of imperialism, bureaucratic capitalism and semi-feudalism!

[html] Ajith’s position (2014)

[html] Long live May Day, day of the proletariat, in struggle for communism! (2014)

[pdf] Guiding Thought of Revolution : the heart of Maoism

[html] Struggle through fraction or through ideology? (2013)

[html] In defense of Chairman Gonzalo

[html] Our values (2013)

[html] Joint declaration: 1st of may 2013: Maoism is the spring of our epoch!

[html] Has Akram Yari founded the dialectical materialist approach of psychology? (2013)

[html] Akram Yari on the dialectics between an individual’s life and society’s progress (2013)

[html] Conscience, matter, reflection and Siraj Sikder (2013)

[html] Gonzalo’s allusion to Engels in the question of necessity and historical chance, and the position of Marx (2013)

[html] Gonzalo and the question of guiding thought, thought in development, People’s War (2013)

[html] Managing or corresponding to the transformation of reality? A major question of Maoism (2013)

[html] Open Letter to the International Communist Movement

[html] The international unity of the communists requires the defeat of avakianist revisionism… (Joint Declaration, 2012)

[html] On a conference for India (2012)

[html] (Joint) Statement of support to the People’s War in India (2012)

[html] Gonzalo and Shakespeare (2012)

[html] Gonzalo’s teaching: from thought to People’s War (2012)

[html] Let’s Struggle for the Triumph of The World Proletarian Revolution! (First of May 2012)

[html] The sense of Gonzalo’s poetical prose (2012)

[html] Gonzalo, faithful defender of the thesis that nothing is indivisible (2012)

[html] The question of the Bengali nation (2012)

[html] Joint Declaration – The international unity of the communists requires the defeat of revisionism and centrism! (2011)

[html] The revisionists: a tradition of copying and faking (2011)

[html] “One day a free India will appear in the world!” – Joint statement of Proletarian Party of East Bengal (Maoist Unity Group)/Bangladesh and Communist Party Marxist Leninist Maoist (France) (2011)

[html] The sorelian approach of centrists in the ICM (2011)

[html] The Imperialist Capitalism is in Crisis – Long Live Socialism and Communism ! (First of May 2009)

[html] How to judge Prachanda as part of the confrontation between revolution and counterrevolution? (2006)

[html] The « republican » strategy in Nepal has collapsed, as it was predictable and announced – now the erroneus principles must be crushed (2006)

[html] Prachanda, follower of modern revisionism (2006)

[html] The Nepalese Revolution at a turning point : dare the new or « reform » the country? (2005)

[html] Georges Politzer : Critique of the Foundations of Psychology (1928)