“One day a free India will appear in the world!” – Joint statement of Proletarian Party of East Bengal (Maoist Unity Group)/Bangladesh and Communist Party Marxist Leninist Maoist (France)

Joint Statement

November 28, 2011

Proletarian Party of East Bengal (Maoist Unity Group)/Bangladesh

Communist Party Marxist Leninist Maoist (France)

“One day a free India will appear in the world!”

It is with deep sadness that we learnt the brutal killing of Comrade Koteshwar Rao alias Kishenji in the Jangalmahal region of West Bengal, in India.

This murder hurts us in our minds, in our flesh. Because we are communists, because India is a big country, where an important part of the world masses are living. Numerous are the contributions of the Indian culture to the history of the world, and this will continue.

India’s importance can not be stressed enough; as Mao Zedong did it himself:

« One day a free India will appear in the world as a member of the great family of socialism and People’s Democracies, just as free as China has.

That day shall end the epoch of imperialism and reaction in the history of humanity. »

(Mao Zedong, Telegram to the Communist Party of India, november 19, 1949, to B.T. Ranadive, general secretary of the Communist Party of India, signed by Mao Zedong and dated).

That is why all the genuine communists never forget India, and that is why the murder of Comrade Koteshwar Rao Kishenji appears as a terrible pain, not only for the Indian revolution, but also for the World Proletarian Revolution.

And when we hear so few about India, we think it is not conform to reality, it doesn’t correspond to what the masses of India are carrying, in culture, in politics, in ideology, especially with the Communist Party of India (Maoist) and the people’s war led by this Party.

We hope the CPI (Maoist) understands the great value that all over the world we, communists, give to it. We hope the CPI (Maoist) understand its international importance.The international reaction wants to crush the Indian People’s War, at any price. We hope the CPI (Maoist) understands well the dimension of its struggle.Even if the CPI (Maoist) is the product of the working class of India, even if the struggle is a national one, the revolution / counter-revolution contradiction at the international level plays here a central role.

In this difficult situation for Marxism-Leninism-Maoism since the arrest of Comrade Gonzalo, leader of the Communist Party of Peru, and the revisionist turn in Nepal, the Indian People’s War appears as a torch in the world.

If yesterday were only a few that knew really about the People’s War in India, today the impact of it is so big, it shines all over the planet.

Because of this, the CPI (Maoist) can not be able to carry negotiation with the Trinomul Congress government of West Bengal, like it was made; no guarantee can ever be made by the state of India or one of the local state governments, as they are totally submitted to the international counter-revolution.

In the same way, the CPI (Maoist) can not be silent any more in what concerns the International Communist Movement, and must assume its tasks, for example what concern the Nepali failure… and also about such important questions as the city and land contradiction, ecology, the defense of our planet against the greed of the Multi National Companies.

As on many points here, the CPI (Maoist) is on the forefront of the struggle, and it must express this on the cultural, ideological and political levels.

The Indian People’s War is facing a huge counter-insurgency, pushed by the international counter-revolution. To overcome this, the Indian People’s War must also feed the revolutionaries in others countries, giving them ideological, political and cultural weapons to support it.

As said in the joint document of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal (Maoist Unity Group) of Bangladesh and the Kangleipak Communist party (KCP) of Manipur:

“We believe that correct tactics flow from correct strategies, which flow from a correct ideological and political line. We believe that the fight against imperialism, capitalism and colonial ruler hand in hand with the fight against revisionism, chauvinism, and opportunism.

We believe that the ruling colonial bourgeoisie will never give up its power without a fight. Putting an end to the colonial ruler is only possible by building public opinion to seize power through armed struggle.

We believe, however, that any armed insurrection on the territory of South Asia will be inevitably crushed until an arising of objective conditions for its mass support of the potentially revolutionary strata of the population.”

The time where arise the objective conditions is coming, and the possibilities will be used only if Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is understood as the international ideology of the working-class, if the dimension of the struggle is understood as a national one, but also as an internationalist one in the epoch of the World Proletarian Revolution.

Victory to the People’s War in India, as part of the World Proletarian Revolution!

Let us build a new International, based on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

Proletarian Party of East Bengal (Maoist Unity Group) [Bangladesh]

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