The Dawn of the New Humanity through the dialectical nexus

In the course of our analysis of the crisis of capitalism in our time, we have discovered and formalized the concept of the nexus, as a key element in understanding the spiral development of matter.

This concept is a highly valuable standard that we use to oppose head-on and significantly the enemies of dialectical materialism, who mask their idealism or dualism behind an erroneous understanding of materialism (at best). It is a decisive criterion of differentiation that makes it possible to identify our organisation.

You could say that it separates us from all those people or organizations who unthinkingly endorse the famous words of Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937), a famous figure of Italian communism who has been quoted over and over again: “The old world is dying, and the new world struggles to be born: now is the time of monsters.”

Many people see this as a summary of their way of seeing things, which is true. But it is precisely their whole way of looking at things that is incorrect.

In fact, this erroneous assertion confuses the concept of ‘transition’, understood in the sense given here as the moment of a supposedly revolutionary unification, amalgamating on the one hand the old world into a waste tending towards monstrosity, while in the same movement there would symmetrically take place the unification of elements formally opposed to the old world, hitherto separate, even contrary, whose unification would make it possible to give impetus, a dynamic.

We summarize this inaccurate approach by saying that it says that two become one, to which we oppose the correct principle: one becomes two, making it possible to grasp the transition in the revolutionary sense as being a nexus.

This correct understanding is a total attack on the cultural level of the bourgeois conception of the world, and in particular an overcoming of the very conception of History in the bourgeois sense.

For us, this is the red line we are drawing in order to affirm as precisely and completely as possible the revolutionary break with the old world.

The struggle we intend to wage is in fact a total struggle, opposing the bourgeoisie and its vision of the world to the dialectical materialism of the proletariat as a revolutionary class.

The concept of nexus allows us to take the effective measure of the scale of our revolutionary break, to understand that this break, in the context of the process of class struggle in our country, is a complete overthrow of the bourgeois order, from top to bottom, heralding a wave of universal transformation.

The concept of nexus allows us to take the effective measure of the scale of our revolutionary break, to understand that this break, in the context of the process of class struggle in our country, is a complete overthrow of the bourgeois order, from top to bottom, heralding a wave of universal transformation.

Our break with the past is the affirmation of a new stage in the development of humanity as thinking matter within the biosphere, an elevation of culture that is both part of the long march of humanity in its understanding of the cosmos and new in its blossoming.

As an avant-garde organization, it’s our entire itinerary that has enabled us to grasp all these aspects as clearly as possible, first and so completely. As an extension of the gigantic historical legacy that has enabled humanity to formalize historical materialism, we have the best possible understanding of what the period we are entering means.

Humanity is now in a position to understand not only the historic need to move beyond Capitalism as a world view, but also, since the concept of the Anthropocene has been expressed with humanity’s modification of the planet, the need to establish in a conscious and scientific way the symbiosis between the cultural development that Humanity has achieved and its harmonious existence as a species, as thinking matter, within our biosphere.

Reaching a full understanding of this dizzying and decisive stage took years and years of productive organization. At the turn of the twenty-first century, we knew that we were right to take the strategic step back necessary to gather and formalize the foundations of a new thought-guide, to put our energy into a vast work of compilation and ideological elaboration, adjusting our practice within our environment, to our theory, with exacting standards and by imposing a strict and prolonged discipline.

Our organization has thus existed on this basis, generating and gathering the energy of people adjusting to our vision of the world, which is becoming ever more refined and complex.

This ideological work has been unique and unparalleled in the revolutionary organizations, or those claiming to be revolutionary, in France, to the point where we can say very openly today: we are the real base of dialectical materialism in France.

We are sitting on top of a production of hundreds and hundreds of articles, covering a wide range of fields, reflecting the depth of our understanding of French society, within our epoch, as an element of the collective History of Humanity and as a component of the evolution of our biosphere, within the gigantic movements of an eternal Cosmos.

At this stage, we have all managed to grasp the totality and complexity of these layers and their dynamics, which has given us, in the context of the reviews we have produced to analyze the second general crisis of the capitalist mode of production in which we are engaged, and in particular our organ Crise, prospective analyses validated by the facts in a relentlessly verified way.

This work has enabled us to collectively stimulate our consciousness, to unite internationally, and particularly in Belgium, with comrades who have undertaken the same productive work, and to project ourselves enthusiastically into the future, certain that we are the biological material of a vast transformation of our species, of which we are the prototypes in our time.

We are heartbeats and we must align ourselves with the rhythm of History!

On the strength of this collective energy and our alignment with both the historical movement of the development of our species and its place in the Cosmos within our Biosphere, we are developing an ever more symbiotic commitment to the Party we are generating, from which each of our members can draw in return unfailing moral support, expressed by an enthusiasm that gives way to neither gloom nor nihilism and a spirit of ever greater rupture with bourgeois society in its decadence, its institutions and above all its vision of the world. For

“The socialist system will eventually replace the capitalist system; this is an objective law independent of man’s will. However much the reactionaries try to hold back the wheel of history, sooner or later revolution will take place and will inevitably triumph” (Mao Zedong).

Certain that we are the vanguard of the new Humanity, heralding the establishment of a new order in keeping with the evolution of our species, we proudly display the heritage of our History and turn our eyes towards the infinite and eternal Cosmos, towards which the gold star illuminating the red flag that our hearts are waving in the sky is pointing.

Let this be a signal to all the consciences for whom our call will resound to come and work in the service of Culture and Humanity, through the prolonged struggle without capitulation against the bourgeoisie, to install the proletariat in power, in the service of the masses, through the ever-deepening triumph of its ideology: dialectical materialism.

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